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Portrait Conversations

Since 1994 I have been enjoying painting ,what I call, "Portrait Conversations". Without the engagement of verbal contact I feel my portraits would lack a vitality I wish to describe in paint. I have painted over 1500 of these small oil portraits in Holland and during my travels. I ask no one to pose. I engage the other in a conversation which motivates me to paint a hopefully dynamic lively portrait.

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Group Paintings

Groups of people combined with animals and living or working situations are exciting to me. The relationships and communication between people challenge me to arrange interesting combinations and color harmonies. Stories in paint you could say. to group paintings...


My fountains in serpentine are specially made for intimate ponds and water bassins. While exploring the possibilities of a particular piece of semi-hard stone, I am inspired by mythological and medevil stories. The bubbling waters add to the magic of these fountains

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